For when it really matters: chassis for special vehicles and utility vehicles

High-strength steel comes into its own where the highest possible rigidity is required with the least possible weight. It is thus predestined for use in vehicle construction. These steels are used in particular for the chassis of cranes, fire engines, agricultural vehicles and articulated vehicles such as dumper trucks. We produce the chassis for vehicles of these special types on our own premises.

Dimensions, Weights and Geometry of Chassis

  • Dimensions: roughly 13,000 x 2800 x 2000 mm
  • Weight: Steelwork: approx. 7000 kg excluding paint
  • Further information is available on request: telephone 03621 4271 500 or send an e-mail to

And by the way ...

Once final testing is complete, we decide the best way to ship the components to our customers. Clearly, in our field it isn’t just a matter of going to the post office - most of our assemblies are much too large for that. Rather, we work together with hauliers who can transport your order to you directly on request.