Some 200 welders + modern welding technology =
(almost) anything is possible

Welding is our core competence. We make almost anything possible in this field. Depending on requirements, we can use manual welding, partially-mechanised welding, fully mechanised welding or fully-automated robotic welding on our own premises. And as regards the size and weight of the components to be welded, we are well equipped to deal with your challenges.

Welding techniques used:

  • Metal active gas (MAG) welding
  • Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding
  • Manual electric arc welding (e-hand)

Process engineering: what is possible?

  • Rotation units with a load capacity of up to 30 tonnes
  • Use of adaptable assembly units
  • Robotic welding units with travel of up to 12,000 mm

Component size - Not enough? Then just ask us.

  • Weight up to max. 30 tonnes
  • Component length up to 25 m
  • Height/width: 3.20 m/3.60 m

And by the way...

We also offer training at our welding course centres in Gotha and Eisenach. Different courses are available depending on the welding processes and level of qualification you require.