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As a manufacturing company we have been looking for years for a functioning storage and transportation system for our own fabrications and logistics. The main question was: how and where should we transport the tubes, plate and semi-finished products that we produce? From considering this question we have developed and built our own practical, stackable transport pallets for our fabrication department.
These pallets are adjustable in dimensions and could thus also be an ideal solution in your company. They can of course also be painted in your company colours. We would be pleased to hear from you - contact us by telephone on +49 (3621) 4271 500, by e-mail to or by using the request form below.

Art.-No. 16100-100
Rack, tall

Art-No.: 16100-150
Rack, low, with wheels

Art.-No. 16100-200
Rack, low

Art.-No.: 16100-500
Rack with two shelves

Art.-No.: 16100-600
Rack with two shelves and adjustable feet

Artikel-Nr.: 16100-700
Rack, extra low

Art.-No. 16100-800
Stackable box, low

Art.-No.: 16100-810
Stackable box, tall

Art.-No. 16100-820
Stackable box, low, one side open

Art.-No.: 16100-850
Wall box for cable reels

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