Complete means Complete: Mast fabrication, from the purchase of materials to assembly and delivery.

Modern mobile crane technology demands that lattice booms be constructed in high-strength steel in order to meet the constantly growing demands made on them. We manufacture lattice booms up to a maximum weight of 30 tonnes.

To ensure that we can satisfy these requirements consistently, we seek to ensure that we have a decisive influence on all stages of value creation. GFT complete crane booms are therefore produced in-house from A to Z.

The process starts with the purchasing of the materials and draws on our core competences - cutting, mechanical processing, welding and the assembling of the welded parts - before continuing to painting in our wet-paint facility, final assembly and dispatch. Our customers can therefore be sure that everything has come from the same source. Moreover, we are able to document every step in the process in full.

And by the way ...

We do things very accurately - and this applies to everything that we produce. Accordingly, we test our products carefully, traceably and objectively. Our customers are therefore always on the safe side.

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